My year with the Angry Ice Game

When Leng suggested we try watching hockey last year, I did not expect to suddenly adopt 20+ giants in knife shoes as my sons.

Leng and I caught the tail end of the Stanley Cup finals series and I got really into it. Surprising, considering I usually find spectator sports a step below watching paint dry. But hockey was fast, rough, and occasionally violent, and I guess that’s my thing now.

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I shopped around for teams after the final, because while I enjoyed the series, neither the Preds nor the Pens felt like *my team*, yanno? By the start of pre-season, I had picked the Avs. Mostly because my gut said so, but also because their social media team is killin’ it. I also figured they’d be a gentle introduction to the game. They were coming from a terrible season, finishing at the bottom of the league. So I thought, they’re rebuilding, they’d win some, lose some, and maybe make the playoffs in the next couple of seasons. I could grow into the fandom as they rebuilt.

Well, bitch, I thought.

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Instead, I got a 10-game win streak cut off by injuries; a battle for the last wildcard spot in the last game of regular season; and taking the Preds to Game 6 of the playoffs without their top defenseman and on their 3rd string goalie.

Needless to say, I was very stressed for most of the season, but loved every minute of it. The last few weeks where they were bouncing in an out of the last wildcard spot were the worst and I cried actual tears the day they clinched it.

Today, I watched my boys get knocked out of round one. losing Game Six 5-0.  As gutted as I am, I am also overwhelmed by how proud I am of this team and how excited I am for what’s to come.

Now, is it October yet?


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