If at first… pt. 2

I had a watercolour commission due end of January and how do other artists do it? I haven’t used watercolour since I got my tablet and it’s been so jarring to switch back after working digitally for a month.

I’m still going through old doodles and abandoned sketches to re-do or continue digitally and I’m chuffed, honestly. This tablet has made starting over pieces I previously fucked up so much easier and feel less like a chore, it’s fantastic. Going over old, unfinished stuff also solves my problem of wanting to practice painting, but not having any new ideas to draw.

This was previously just a floating head that I didn’t think was going to go anywhere because I drew it too big on paper and didn’t have space for, y’know, his body. And look! I drew a background! Sort of. I painted blocks of colour that I gaussian blurred the shit out of, but it’s a passable rink, right?

I can usually either draw a good face, or a good body, but rarely both in the same piece. This was one of those times where I loved how the body turned out, but the face was bleh. Being able to zoom in super close on areas has been giving me LIFE.

Now that I’ve found a brush that works for me, all I’ve wanted to do is to paint, but I’m running out of old sketches that I want to do over.

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