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Y’all sick of me drawing hockey boys in love yet? Well, too bad because the Check, Please! Year 3 finale was a doozy and it will take me months to get over it.

Co-captains. Hausbands.

I still miss watercolour, but I don’t hate the tablet so much anymore.

First surf of the year!

The forecast was practically flat, but we headed up to Crystal anyway for our annual surf fam holiday party. The theme this year was 80’s Aerobics, which went as well as you’d expect from us haha!

This was also my first time to Zumba (to go with the aerobics theme, of course), which was tough enough on its own, but brutal on the legs in the sand. It was a blast though, hugely because everyone else was so down for it.

I haven’t had decent surf in months, so we made do with foot-high waves. I don’t usually have photos of myself in the water, so you best believe I’m spamming you now. These were taken by Migo Antonio.

I borrowed a friend’s board to make things easier for myself and I am actually considering switching to a longboard with similar specs because it handles so well. I love my board and all, but it can get a little moody lol. Decisions, decisions!

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