Saved by Fandom 2017

About two years ago, I was in a bit of a strop over the art world, which resulted in me not painting or drawing anything. I tried easing myself back into it in 2016, but it really wasn’t until mid-2017 that I found my stride again. And I found it in fandom.

I’ve been lurking in various fandoms online since I learned how to use the internet in ’97, and I never really participated until last year, when a bit of fanart I did as watercolour practice made the rounds.

Making fanart has reminded me that I did love to draw, once upon a time. While I may not have an exhibit lined up any time soon, I have been drawing more than I ever have in almost a decade and I consider that a personal triumph.

Here’s the greeting card I made for the CP fandom. I wish I could have spent a little more time on it, but we were out of town just before NYE.

This doodle is a little late by Manila time, but Happy New Year, tumblr folk!

2017 was the first time since I started interneting, that I stopped lurking and actually participated in fandom. So thank you, everyone! Fangirling with you has definitely been one of the highlights of my year. Here’s to more getting-emotional-over-fictional-hockey in 2018! ❤

[ETA] Speaking of fandom, I passed 500 followers on tumblr over the holidays! Which is amazing to me, considering it was just mostly a reblog tumblog with about a hundred followers before I started posting fanart. I stayed up after work to make a quick Bitty for it. I think I’m finally getting a hang of watercolour brush presets. It’s at least the easiest brush to work with, I find.


People have been commenting on how buff this Bitty looks, but I used Tom Daley as a reference, who I think is a great example of being lean but still muscular, but I guess it just translates differently as a drawing.

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