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My tablet arrived early this week, so I’ve been spending a few hours a day trying to get used to it. Drawing while looking at the monitor instead of your hands is such a bizarre sensation to get used to.

While I’m still not completely sold on it, it does make some things easier. I’m generally terrible at planning out my drawings. My biggest problem is almost always running out of space, so being able to move the sketch layer around when that happens is amazing. It’s been great not having to adjust colours and shit too, because editing photos of my watercolour pieces for printing and posting online is such a nightmare.

I’ve been managing with the pencil brushes because I can get away with a lot of short strokes, but the inking brushes are still giving me grief. I also still haven’t found a brush I like painting with. The tablet came with Corel Painter but learning a new program on top of everything seems like the quickest route to a stroke, so I’m holding off.


It took me three days to finish my first attempt at an all-digital piece. I think I’m going to need another three days to recover because this shit was hard.

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