Gab, Currently XVII

I’ve been slowly, over the course of this year, getting my feet wet in the ocean that is digital art.

The catalyst being some illustrations I had to do for work in June. I had been stubbornly holding on to doing things traditionally, but it really didn’t fit the project brief and I had to learn on the fly.

I’ve been mostly dicking around with colouring on Photoshop whenever I’m feeling too lazy to set up for painting, but I had another rush illustration project recently and screaming at my mouse every 15 minutes just reinforced that it’s time for me to fully join the 21st century.


I was thinking of getting myself a Kindle for Christmas, but I have instead ordered my first graphics tablet. I should be able to pick it up next week and while I’m sure it will be a thoroughly frustrating process to get used to a new medium, I’m excited.

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