I originally wanted to do this for the New Year, but gimme a break, it’s December and I have been over my domain since January.

The plethora of other issues I have with it aside, it’s just such a mouthful. Really should have taken into consideration how long gabriellelopezart.com is when I decided on it. Since I had a year to decide if I wanted to keep it or not, I’d been playing around with other options. For a few months, I tried going by my first and middle names, but that didn’t stick. I had also considered just using my default WordPress URL. It’s not like the blog has a following, I’m steadily employed and not actively marketing myself,  do I still really need a custom URL?


But at Pallon and Julie’s prodding, I decided to buy a new name and go with the only constant thing in the 7 years this blog has been active:


So, welcome to gabcanfly.com – same old shit, brand new URL! If I’m still on your blogrolls, pretty please update the link. 🙂


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