Gab, Currently XII

Combo Breaker:

The little painting momentum I got has come to a grinding halt because of life. Which sucks balls because I really thought I had a good thing going. Oh well.

Khursten got me a DIY watercolour postcard pad almost a month ago so I really need to get started on postcards for her and Rotch.


Asia Pop Comic Con 2016:


For the second year in a row, my #TitasofCosplay squad and I went as yet another most mismatched cosplay group ever. :)) APCC was pretty fun this year, though I wish it were at the WTC this year as well instead of SMX. A lot of floors to deal with at SMX.

carolcosplay702 Photography & post processing: Mickey Rambaud Galdiano | Galdiano Cosplay Photography

The corridors do make for pretty photos though.

Almost toothless:


I got careless last weekend in Zambales. A wave dumped on me and slammed my face into my board as I was paddling out. For a second there, I thought I’d lost my two front teeth and it was probably the most scared I’d felt out there in a while.

Still looking forward to getting some quality water time next month, though. Particularly because my insides feel a bit wibbly wobbly and I could use a little quiet from both my surroundings, and my brain haha.



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