Christmas Wishlist 2015

With Halloween over, I am free to think about Christmas and all the things I’d buy for myself in one go if I had the money to.


1. The Encyclopaedia of Goddesses and Heroines


I saw this book in the Takashimaya Kinokuniya at Orchard Road two months ago but didn’t buy it because I had neither the 50SGD to spend on it, or the luggage space to bring it home. It has been haunting me ever since.

2.  40L Hiking Backpack


I’d been using my brother’s Coleman hiking backpack for over ten years now and climbed seven mountains with it (including Mount Pulag!) but as I was packing for my last trip I noticed it needed to be retired soon. I was thinking of getting a small wheeled suitcase, but with the kind of travelling I do, a backpack would be a better choice.

Nothing under 40L but needs to still fit an overhead bin. Internal frame and padded hip belt are non-negotiables, and it wouldn’t hurt if it came in a cute colour scheme like this one I found online. XD

3. A New External Hard Drive. 


I really thought 1TB was a lot of space. Until I started filling it up. Haha! I really need a new 1TB (or more?) one soon.

4. Lipstick! 


I have close to 10 lipsticks in the same shade of hooker-red in various finishes and while I will always love a retro pin-up lip, I need a little variety. I need Jeffree Star’s Weirdo and LA Splash’s Sirius in my life.

5. Leopard Print Cigarette Pants


To go with my leopard peep toe wedges. Duh.

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