Bull In The Heather


This post is two months late haha! I had a lot of anxiety re: the opening because there was this massive rally that crippled EDSA, specifically around Megamall.

I was surprised a lot of friends made it despite the chaos. I seriously was just expecting the other artists haha!

I will admit, it does feel like quite the feather in my cap to have exhibited at Megamall. 😛

Class Photo

Our curator was nice enough to let me include Tsugomori in the exhibit since it was unexhibited, so I used it as a jump-off point for the new pieces.

As usual, click to full view and to see titles, details, etc.

With the exception of Tsugomori, all the other paintings have been inspired in some way by names of famous race horses.

Which I totally just got off Wikipedia, not like I know shit about racehorses haha!

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