Fangirling @ STGCC 2015

a.k.a in which I forget how to human when faced with comic book artists. 

Rotch and Rael have been going to STGCC every year. Every year they invite me to come with, every year I don’t, every year I regret it. (Gail Simone in 2010, I cry.) So this year, this year, I said, I wasn’t going to miss it. BEST. DECISION. EVER.


Cla and I were running late. We got on a couple of wrong trains, and got down at the wrong stop, so when we finally got to the convention centre, we went straight to Adam Hughes’ booth. Bought a couple of sketchbooks to get signed, chatted with Adam’s wife, Allison, who was super nice, and found out that that was not where the signing was. It was, literally, at the other end of the con hall. By the time we got there it was halfway through his one-hour signing.

There was end of queue sign up, which meant they could only guarantee accommodating people up to that point. Some of the staff told me I was free to queue up and take my chances, so I did.

Met an awesome Black Canary cosplayer while queued up. 😀

At the 50-minute mark, I’d given up hope that I wasn’t going to make it. I asked Cla to hold my place in line so I could take a quick photo of Adam signing from sidelines. He saw me just as he was about to sit back down and pouted for the camera when I told him why I was being Ms. Mcsneaky Photographerpants.

senpai noticed meeee~

Not only did he extend his signing session, he also asked of he could get a photo of us on his phone too! Because it turns out, he’s a huge Cap fan.  At that point I was ready to just die because omgassjkdfhasfkljhsdf.

Thank you for extending your signing, Adam! You’ve made this fangirl very happy. 😀

Also lined up for Adi Granov’s signing!


Since we were already at the signing area, I was able to line up early for Adi’s session. Thankfully too, because his queue filled up pretty quickly. Why are these signings only an hour long!?!


Sunday was a lot more chill since I wasn’t going to be in costume, and I’d gotten half of the signings out of the way. Because we took things so easy all morning, we got to MBS late and did not make the cut-off for Simone Legno’s signing. Boo. Which meant I was first in line for Jim Cheung’s.


STGCC has ruined local cons for me forever. It was so well organised, Marina Bay Sands is such a great con venue, and as an out-of-towner, I wasn’t privy to the clique-iness that’s I usually see in local cons. I was going to say there wasn’t any clique-iness, but I don’t know any of these people so what do I know, right? But the people I was able to chat with were really friendly.

Now, how many kidneys do I have to sell, so I can afford to go every year?


I missed CB Cebulski’s signing because it was at the same time as Adam’s and Simone Legno’s because we woke up late haha. Thankfully, they were both in Manila for APCC the weekend after!



Like I said on Instagram, we found an awesome accomplice in our shennanigans in CB. We held up the line a little because he was just making us laugh so much.


Skipped the queue at the tokidoki merch booth so I could queue up early for Simone. I was finally able to get the Skeletrina I bought at STGCC signed, and he also offered me a sketch! I thought you only got either a signature or a sketch so that was pretty cool of him. 🙂


So in the end, I still got meet everyone I wanted to in the STGCC line-up mwehehehe. 😛

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