What’s In My Bag II

When I’m bored, I like to do what’s-in-my-bag things. Mostly because in real life, I’m nosy and like going through friends’ handbags.


  1. #TitasofManila bag.
  2. Captain America Holder + Hand sanitizer from Watson’s. This originally held hand soap, but I’m a germaphobe who needs to sanitise her hands every 5 mins so I changed it out.
  3. Folding Umbrella from idk where.
  4. Business Card Case that was a freebie from a pharmaceutical company.
  5. Sunglasses and Case from H&M. I had to get it because the print was so pretty!
  6. Housekeys. My aunt got me this adorable silicone kitty key pouch for Christmas. I haven’t forgotten my keys since I got it.
  7. iPhone 6. I used to also always have a 3rd generation iPod nano with me, but since I got Spotify Premium, I don’t use it anymore except for long plane or road trips.
  8. Coin purse from Daiso. It used to be silver with a crocodile pattern and it’s not anymore. I really need to get a new one.
  9. Wallet from a deal website. It’s cute. It’s pink and has a gold crown hee~
  10. Minnie Mouse Bag Organiser. The contents of which are below.


  1. Marvel Citronella Patches. A friend gave us a pack of these each during a beach trip a few months ago. I’m down to my last four. I’ve only got Cap, Thor, Storm, and Jean Grey left.
  2. Hello Kitty Blotting Paper from Daiso. I love Daiso. We should just get that out of the way right now.
  3. In-ears that came with my phone.
  4. Powder Chiffon Foundation from Daiso. Despite how cheap this is, it’s one of my favourite compacts. It’s sheer enough for everyday, but pretty good coverage and matches my skin tone perfectly.
  5. Born Lippy from Body Shop in Watermelon.
  6. Maneki Neko Pen from Kyoto. Not that I’ve been to Kyoto, it was a souvenir from the same aunt who gave my the key pouch.
  7. Lip and Cheek Stain from Etude House . I usually only need to retouch powder for oiliness, but I keep this in the bag for emergencies lol.
  8. Tampon. Again, for emergencies.
  9. Flash Drive. For pr0n. Not really. (Or it it?)
  10. Tissue.
  11. Bioré Powder Sheets. THESE ARE SO AWESOME. I thought they were just ordinary wet wipes, but they leave a really matte, powdery finish on your skin and smell like berries~<3
  12. Small plastic bag for the umbrella.


Bonus: I love my phone case. Friends bought it for me during their trip to Universal Studios Japan. :3

Whoops: I forgot to include my cigs and the poor excuse for a comb that I never use (it came with a hotel’s toiletry kit haha) in the photos.

Previous what’s-in-my-bag here.

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