While I’ve never been a particularly eloquent writer, I do miss when I could still blog properly. Not for the hits (because let’s face it, I never really got much of those), but because I like going back to read and laugh at-or-with my old entries.

Twitter has ruined my ability to write more than 150 characters. Even in my brain, I just think in short bursts. While I am proudly fluent in Tumblr-nese, it has ruined my ability to converse in complete sentences, but really, who needs those when, “I CAN’T EVEN—“ expresses so much already?

My first blogging platform was Blogspot, and I was 17. I filled it with stupid internet personality quiz results like, “What colour is your aura?” or, “Which member of Dir en Grey should you sleep with?”, and a lot of adolescent whinging about a world that I felt didn’t understand me. Y’know, normal teenage stuff. It’s still around the internets somewhere. I abandoned the Yahoo! email account I used to open the account with so I can’t get in and delete the damned thing.

My second blogging platform was Livejournal, I was 18. My friends were all on it, so I migrated. I filled it with even more stupid internet quizzes, chronicles of life in university, and the boys who didn’t love me back. Suffice it to say, I deleted that account a few years after graduating.

At 23, I’d opened yet another blog— this blog — on WordPress, because I was tired of manually editing html every time I wanted to update my online portfolio. I am proud to say that I have yet to post a single stupid internet quiz result here.

So what is the point to all this rambling? Nothing, really. I just wanted to see if I could cobble together a written thought that wasn’t in all caps and was longer than 150 characters. And would you look at that? I got me an honest-to-goodness blog post.

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