My Life in Bullet Points

I have four hours to kill while I wait for my OS update to download.


The thing about working from home is, you end up doing the oddest assortment of errands in the rare instance you are out. Today I:

– Had lunch with Leng to pick up the bridesmaid dress I’m wearing to her wedding and cloth for a costume I’m going to start working on. Cosplaying again this year omg.

– Passed by the bank to deposit the downpayment for some wooden panels I had made. I need to start painting again soon!

– Printed some business cards. The paper’s terrible , but I’d recently changed my number and my email and I just needed an updated card asap.

Regular and Limited editions. lol no not really

– Bought some more cord protectors for my powerbank’s cable.

Matching set, finally.

– Passed by the wet market to buy food for the turtle babies.

Turtle babies!

The problem with the advent of the microblog, is you get used to thinking in 150 characters. I leave you now with my earworm for the past 3 days or so.

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