Christmas Wishlist 2014

It felt like I hadn’t done a list in a while, then I checked and the last time was Christmas 2013 hahaha!

1. Instax Mini 8 


I want one, but I’m not enough of a shutterbug to justify buying it myself. But I want it.

[Channeling my inner Tony. View full comic by bluewindsummer here]

2. R2-D2 Funko POP! Star Wars Vinyl Bobble-Head 


I don’t collect Funko POPs, but I need this for my Artoo collection like air.

3. Nintendo eShop Prepaid Cards


Because all my disposable income goes to comics now and semi-monthly road trips and I’m already 3 games behind on my favourite titles. /cry

4. A pair of Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Lady Dragonsvivi-melissa-ld

Because I ordered the last pair in light orange on sale online, and they screwed up my order. Long story short: still no Lady Dragons in my life. This must be remedied.

7. Black Canary & Zatanna: Bloodspell


This was supposed to be released May 2014 and I keep checking my LCS’s weekly lists, but it’s never there. All I know is I want it even though I haven’t been so enthusiastic about DC since the New52 crashed and burned.

6. Naked 3


Because who doesn’t love getting naked. /dad joke

I love my Naked Basics palette, and with me working from home, it really is more than enough. But the shades in Basic run a little too cool for my skin tone and 3 has the warmer browns I prefer.

[edit] 7. Curling Iron 


Because I’ve gone through two already. They just keep dying on me idk why. While I really like rag-curling, sometimes I just need a curling iron too.

Basically this whole list is Merry Christmas, you filthy animals! And a happy new year!

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