Life Update: Productivity Edition

While I’m ignoring this blog, and continue to fall into this downward spiral of hermit-hood, I am surprisingly getting shit done! Hooray!

After two, three years of being fat and lazy, I’ve taken up boxing again. Different gym, partly because the one I used to go to closed down, partly because the instructors there became lazy and were shit at motivating you so I wouldn’t go back even if they were still open. It’s usually the only time I leave the house during the work week.

New gym’s great because my trainer really makes me suffer each week do more cardio, a bit of circuit, and weight training aside from just mitt work. Two months in, my endurance is still a laughing stock and I’m nowhere as strong as I’d like to be, but I’m getting there. Baby steps.

We had a bit of holiday from work late last month, so I thought I’d use the time to work on a painting to keep me on my toes because sometimes I just don’t know how to art anymore.

The great thing about not having an exhibit to prepare for, is I can take my time. The downside being, I don’t have an exhibit this year to prepare for. Cry.

Also, no deadline means I have no sense of urgency which means this piece has been “in progress” for 4 weeks now. In my defense, my trainer upped my weights to a 150% of that I was lifting before and I haven’t been able to properly move my arms since Thursday.

Anyway, work in progress shot, yay!


I’m hoping I can finish this over the weekend.

(and women!)

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