I Caught a Carp! I Really Seized the Diem!


Out of all the impulsive things I’ve done, joining a Beginner’s surfing competition is probably the least thought out. I was a nervous wreck. It didn’t help that the last two times we went out to Zambales to practice, the waves were either too big and messy or too small. By the time I was packing the night before, I was so anxious, I’d lost almost all feeling in my hands and constantly felt like throwing up.


I will not deny that I have a competitive streak in me. I heard the words, “Beginner” and, “Competition” and allowed myself to be peer-pressured (pakipot kasi ako haha) into joining even if I knew I wasn’t ready for it yet. So of course, I didn’t win. I didn’t even qualify for semi-finals, but I don’t think I did badly for someone with only 4 months (of one-weekend-a-month) of surfing under her belt. I didn’t fall flat on my face (which was my biggest fear), and if anything, at least I got some awesome surfing photos out of it.

I am incredibly proud of our friends, Jed, Vince, and our resident prodigy, Shane, who won Men’s Advanced 2nd Runner-up, Men’s Advanced First Place, and Men’s Beginner’s First Place respectively. Team Jellywig was awesomely represented. 😀

Shane, Vince, and Jed. Photos by Trish Rueda.

Cheers to CrystalbeachResort ZambalesQuiksilver Surf School, and the organizers of the 2nd First Ride Surf Competition for an awesome event & a wonderful weekend, and to even awesomer friends who make me feel like I can do anything.

Video by Cathie Ambas

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