Christmas Wishlist 2013

I’ve started hearing Christmas carols whenever I’m out, so it’s wishlist time!

1. Missing Asterix Books
We’re a few volumes shy of a perfect Asterix collection and it irks me to no end. The local bookstores I’ve been to only carry a couple of volumes, all of which we already have (some, we even have doubles of).  So the ones we’re still missing are:

Hofitmpwhwalb-front Asterixcover-32 Asterix_and_Obelix's_Birthday

Asterix_and_Obelix_All_at_Sea_cover 250px-Asterix_and_the_Falling_Sky 12_tasks_asterix

2. Headphones / Earphones
My Coloud R2D2 headphones are super beat-up already, and I’m in dire need of decent replacements. They don’t have to be top-of-the-line or super hi-tech, as long as they don’t sound tinny.


3. Live Viewfinder for my Lumix LX5
Because sometimes relying on the LCD is a pain.


4. Bikinis
I’d never really bought new swimmers more than once every year or two, but now that I’m at the beach every month, it does get a little boring wearing the same two every time. Preferably the kind that ties around not with the clasps, because they’re a lot more secure in the waves. 😛


Link me to your wishlists! I’d love to check them out. 🙂

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