The Past Ten Years of #Art

I was cleaning out my old deviantArt account (because holy cow, it’s gotten really weird there), when I found the old Improvement Meme I did in 2009. I thought I’d do an updated one and OMG it’s been 10 years since my first day at Uni. Hashtag TanderCats.


I dug up my stuff from 2003 and earlier and I don’t know how water got into them. It makes my heart hurt a little.

2011 was a really sad year. My work at the time was really stressful which left me no energy to do other things.

My 2013’s off to a really slow start. I was drawing so much in 2012, it’s such a severe comparison.

Gotta get my shit together and draw more! Only got four more months til the year ends!

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