2 old fo’ dat shit

We know we miss her
We miss her picture
Sometimes it’s faded
For fear of growing old
— Placebo, “This Picture”

I follow this Japanese street fashion blog and every time I scroll through the photos, half of me is going, “Ooh, I love that top.” and the other half is wagging its finger at me saying, “GRL U 2 OLD FO’ DAT SHIT.”

Aforementioned shit I am too old for. Via tokyofashion.com
Via tokyofashion.com

While I will defend my constitutional right to bleach and dye my hair until I die, (I think I’d make an adorable pink-haired great-aunt, don’t you?), I have to concede that at twenty-eight, calling myself a twenty-something sounds absurd and certain adult clothing choices have to start getting made.

I’ve turned into something I’d thought inconceivable in my late teens/early twenties — practical.

And I —

— I have forgotten the point I wanted to make when I started writing this entry. Here, have a Japanese boyband I will not admit to liking if you ask while I try to remember:

Really, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

The point I suppose, sadly, (and I’ve been saying this a while now) is that I have to make a resolution to start dressing better. And by better, I don’t mean the way I used to dress when I was younger (because omg what is Visual Kei hahaha).

So here’s to style, and the courage to admit what just doesn’t look good on you anymore.

Eat your heart out.

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7 thoughts on “2 old fo’ dat shit”

  1. I feel you and yet…

    *hides the colorful skirts and neon yellow shorts just recently bought*

    I think it’s not what’s inappropriate for age? I think it’s more of inappropriate for the occasion? I mean, if you’ve got it and the shoes fit and the timing’s right!

    But don’t listen to me. I’m a 34 y/o mom who rummages through my younger sister’s closet for better clothes to wear.

    1. Hahaha! Gorabels lang with the colourful skirts and neon shorts! 😀

      I didn’t mean for the post to sound judge-y. I just meant I feel uncomfortable wearing clothes I used to wear back in the day.

      I mean, my “everyday” shoes used to be a pair of buckled, 3-inch platform pleather boots, even in UP in 36C weather and I can’t fathom wearing my fishnet stockings on a night out anymore. XD

      1. Oh. Well, yes, i must agree with you on the fishnets i’m afraid. :p At least they’re still useful as a cosplay item.

        But generally-speaking you do have a point. I find myself doing the same thing nowadays when i shop. Sometimes i’m in denial. Lol.

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