Hair Chronicles and Then Some

I just can’t seem to sit still lately and when I can’t sit still, I turn to my hair — which I dyed purple again recently. I realised since 2004, I’ve already tried every colour family at least once, and at least once all at the same time. (Rainbow hair is awesome, y’all.)

Except orange. I just can’t bring myself to dye my hair orange. It feels a little Bozo-the-Clown-ish.

Working at home has me feeling really restless and antsy so here, have a what’s-in-my-bag. A little pointless, since I’m home five days of the week, but look at my awesome knock off 2D bag.

1. Notebook | 2. Cigarettes | 3. Make-up kit | 4. Music Player | 5. Mobile Phone
6. House Keys | 7. Hand Sanitizer | 8. Tissue | 9. Wallet | 10. Business Cards

Don’t mind me, it’s almost three in the morning and I’m rambling.

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