A Lesson in Humility

Two Saturdays ago was the last of my Nihongo Module 2 classes, which was also our final exam day. More than anything, it’s been a lesson in humility.

Honestly, I pretty much breezed through the Module 1 class. Module 2 was a completely different ball game. I got the grammar rules, but it’s the vocabulary, the differences in conjugating the same type of verbs, and the kanji that drove me crazy. Memorisation was never my strong point and when you’re studying a new language, it really is essential. I’m not competitive by nature, but I have a tendency to be when I really enjoy what I’m doing so this has been incredibly humbling.

Fun, but humbling. Haha!

To unwind after the exam and a battery of language aptitude tests, we played a couple of rounds of Avalon: The Resistance.


I like this game. I want my own set.

I’m still waiting for our Sensei to e-mail us with our exam scores. I hope I passed because I really want to keep going.


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