Saturday was a good day.

It was the last day of my Module 1 Nihongo class. Which meant final exams, both written (no biggie) and oral (In the form of a skit. Kill me now).

I think I did rather well on the whole, except the skit had me nervous as fuck but it wasn’t so bad once we started. I also  finally figured out a way to pronounce the nasal  ン/ん without sounding like a chipmunk. It instead makes me sound like a Sailor Moon villain, which I don’t really mind hahaha. Our final grades will be emailed to us. Hopefully soon because I’m dying of curiosity here.

Almost-complete class photo. (^v^)
Almost-complete class photo. (^v^)

Later that evening, Pallon, Meryl and I went to Whitespace for the CARA’s “Petproject” Fundraiser. I was looking forward to taking a proper photo of my piece but was greeted by an empty wall.

Because MY PAINTING GOT SOLD! I just sold my first painting AAKSJDHSSKDJFH! *Pats self on back.* ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

All bubble-wrapped and ready to go! (^v^)

I’m still kinda stoked. You’ll have to forgive my spazzing.


4 thoughts on “Saturday was a good day.

  1. I came across your blog months back, but I forgot how/where. ^^;;; I adore your artwork. They’re all pretty. 🙂

    Anyway, sorry this is irrelevant to your post. But, oh, congratulations on your first sold artwork!

    Btw, did you make this — ?


  2. Thank you so much! 😀

    Yup, I made the sugar skull logo. Although the roses are a stock vector by Supernus on 🙂


    1. Awesome! Hrhr~ I hope you take commissions. Well, just in case I plan on getting a tattoo. 😛


      1. I’d love to! Just drop me an email or a comment here 😀


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