WIP: In The Quiet Sea

The deadline for a November group exhibit is this week. I started this painting the day before yesterday and just barely finished it at 7am this morning. Power napped for a couple of hours, showered, and dropped it off  at the gallery by 1pm so I could be in the office by 2pm. ぎりぎり!

I was just so tired and sleep deprived, I forgot to take a photo of the finished piece before leaving the house.

Times like these I wish I’d taken some painting units in college because whenever I work on a piece I just feel like

I used four layers of an acrylic wash on the octopus, because I wanted the texture of the wood to show through the paint. I know it’s not how you’re supposed to use acrylic paint and it’s probably the type of thing that would make my professors shake their heads, but I’m rather proud of how the octopus turned out.

I want a pet octopus. But I also want someone who’ll come clean and maintain a salt water tank for me. Wahahaha!

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