Nurturer, Virgin, Monster.

This is it! My first show!  ಥ▽ಥ

Nurturer, Virgin, Monster opens 7.00 pm on June 23, 2012 at Secret Fresh, Gallery B, Basement, RONAC Art Center, Ortigas Ave. San Juan.

Our work will be on display until  July 17, 2012.

Nurturer, Virgin, Monster
– Iñigo de Paula

This June, the Secret Fresh Gallery opens a group show that casts a strange light on the female archetypes of mythology. Tin Garcia, Gab Lopez, Katrina Pallon, and Julie Shen each take a stab at the nurturers, virgins, and monsters that haunt our myths.

Gab’s pieces accelerate these archetypes with the fuel of pop culture and vintage cartoons. Julie’s art may seem ephemeral, but the strength of her lines provide the pieces authority and autonomy. Katrina unleashes waves of detail on the canvas, creating a tapestry that reveals as much as it keeps hidden, refusing to show the full gambit at first viewing. Tin twists the ideal – and idealized – female form by grafting sexual figures cut from Filipino folklore.

The exhibit is more than a static exploration of roles, however. Myths are meant to be passed down from storyteller to storyteller, causing archetypes to mutate with each telling.

The artists assume their positions in the chain of myth-making, and create fresh narratives for these nurturers, virgins, and monsters. The results are at once unsettling, empowering, beautiful, and deeply affecting.

Join us for cocktails and live music on opening night! Hope to see you all! ♥

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