Week 5 & 6: The Slump

I’ve been in a foul mood and just really out of it these past couple of weeks, so I didn’t really get any good sketches done. Which is why I’m going to cheat a bit.

For week 6, I’m posting something I drew during week 2.

The reason I didn’t post it then, is because I was planning to develop it into a painting for a project later this year, but now I’m thinking of taking a different direction so I’m not so sure anymore.

For week 5, I just have some half-assed shit I never finished. I hate that I’m such a moody worker. If I’m not in the mood,  there is just no way in hell to make my hands do what they have to. Hence:

Hopefully, I can my head out of my ass and make something decent for next week.

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