My Army of Artoos

I got my latest Artoo last Saturday, at the Christmas Toy Con which reminded me that I needed an update of the last photo I took of all my astromech droids.

This photo was taken with my brand-spankin' new Lumix LX5 heee~

I never really go for just figurines because I find them a little redundant to collect, so I like looking for the ones that have a double purpose haha!

  1. Walkie-Talkie (comes with a C3PO one)
  2. Soda Can holder. (Pepsi *hissssss*)
  3. Star Wars MicroMachines Transforming Action Set R2-D2/ Jabba’s Palace
  4. Lunchbox from Jolibee
  5. Pez Dispenser
  6. Water gun from Burger King
  7. From the Star Wars The Legacy collection with light and sound
  8. My only real figurine. It was free from one of the gas stations (I don’t remember which) here when the digitally remastered original trilogy was shown in cinemas.
  9. Keychain
  10. PET bottle cap
  11. Headphones 8D
  12. Opens up, has a Princess Leia holding a blaster inside.
  13. Bag ornament thing. From McDonald’s.

The Pez Dispenser’s the newest one. I’m already out of Pez. Do candy stores still sell just refills? I haven’t seen those in a really long time.

I was actually supposed to write about all the issue #4’s of my pull list, but Batman #4’s just arriving tomorrow so that’s gonna have to wait.

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