Thoughts on the DC new 52

I know I said I’d ignore DC until the next reboot, but I just can’t seem to stay away. I’ve only read 4 titles so far and it’s been 50-50 for me.

1. Batgirl #1

I wasn’t really stoked about Babs donning the suit again. I love Babs, but I realised I love her more as Oracle than as Batgirl. But still, Gail Simone’s writing it, and her work on the first Birds of Prey series was the reason I like Oracle so much.

I really don’t like the art in this issue. The poses were a little off and the colours were garish. I’m not completely buying Babs just getting better, although I guess it ties in with that scene from BOP where she manages to move her toes. Kinda.

This didn’t wow me, but I think it could get better as the story progresses. Because, you know, it’s Gail Simone.

2. Catwoman #1

I am a sucker for Guillem March. Again, a lot of fanrage on the internets about his stuff, but I really love his style and I usually really like his cheesecake stuff. Usually.

The writing was great, because you could feel Judd Winick really knew his shit around Selena Kyle. The monologues didn’t feel forced. (Which is what I felt with Batgirl.)

So I generally love the art and I generally love the way it was written.

Until we get to the sex scene. I don’t know if it was just the way it was written, or how it was drawn, or a combination of both but really just looked like soft-core porn. I’m as big a Bat-cat fan as any –Hush is one of my favourite story arcs– but come on. First half was great, second half was smut.

3. Batwoman #1

I think it’s been almost year since DC announced Kate Kane was getting her own series, and I was really, really looking forward to this and then I forget to have a copy reserved at ye old comic book store. It’s sold out and I’m waiting for the reprints to arrive next week. Fail.

Anyway, J.H Williams? YES. YES. YES. FUCK YES. It’s totally on the same page as Kate’s run on Detective Comics although co-written by J.H Williams and W. Haden Blackman this time around instead of Greg Rucka. But yes, moar pls.

4. Batman #1

Oh, wow. This was amazing. I liked how it started off sort of re-establishing Gotham to the reader and then goes straight to the action. I was a little disappointed to see Joker in there, because let’s face it, I’m a little sick of him. He’s everywhere. I was hoping they’d focus on another villain. Although he wasn’t really the focus here either. Moving on, so I can avoid spoilers.

This scene, omg:

Yes, it’s fanservice, and I completely bought it.

I hear Wonder Woman #1’s good too. Might check it out sometime. Will prolly just wait for the reprint.  What are your thoughts on the new 52?

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on the DC new 52”

  1. Of the books you’ve mentioned, the one I really enjoyed was Batwoman #1. JH Williamson’s art takes it way beyond the typical hero comic (not that I don’t enjoy superhero comics… come on!).

    The story seems to be coming from a darker, more mystical place and I definitely think I’m sticking around for it.

    I do wonder why Kate Kane’s so pale/gaunt though, and I’ll wonder about it here because I don’t think it’s actually part of the story. (She’s a Weasley?)

    I also give extra points because Flamebird’s there because I think DC was generally unfair to her even if she’d kind of proven herself in the Beast Boy stories.

    As for Batgirl 1, I’m still not sold on it but it’s mostly because I was so spoiled by Oracle being so badass (as well as the last two Batgirls being so amazing). I’m not used to this characterization of Barbara where she’s all quippy and whatnot. Perhaps it’s consistent with Barbara before The Killing Joke and Birds of Prey but I didn’t follow her then.

    Still, I’d give it a chance because it’s Gail Simone and like you, I absolutely loved her Bird of Prey Run and there’s still so much she can do.

    Haven’t read the other two BUT I did enjoy Demon Knights, Frankenstein Agent of SHADE, and Mr. Terrific. I tried reading Deathstroke 1 and Hawk and Dove but they couldn’t hold my interest. Plus, I can’t seem to like Liefeld’s art.

    Yun lang.

  2. Kate’s pale cause she’s goth? Lol idk either, but I love her look regardless.

    I’m also not really buying Babs walking again. It feels like a totally different character. She also feels a lot younger which is weird cause she’s always had that “ate” vibe as Oracle.

    I was thinking about picking up Birds of Prey, but goddamnit, I want my Zinda Blake!

    1. Kakabasa ko lang nung BOP #1. Oh man, it’s weird without Huntress and Zinda! Kahit nga si Misfit, nami-miss ko e.

      1. I miss Secret Six too. Although I kind of stopped reading it din when suddenly they were in a jungle with dinosaurs and I could follow what was going on anymore. Hahaha.

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