Mount Pulag

Last week marked my 7th climb. There’s no better way to start climbing again after seven years of no physical activity by climbing the highest peak in Luzon (and the 3rd highest in the Philippines) with close to zero endurance training, right? Right?

Don't I look dapper in my Return of the Jedi shirt and shorts over leggings.
Shorts over leggings. Climber chic.

We went via Ambangeg, which is the beginner’s trail but I already thought I was going to pass out less than 15 mins into the hike. This wouldn’t have been so agonizing, if I had trained beforehand. So, note to self and all that.

Our well-ventilated tent, let me show you it.

Also, despite the warnings, I did not think it would get this cold. And wet. And windy. It got to -7 degress C by around 6pm and there was this perpetual cloud over the campsite which left us in this mist til the next day. 5 layers of clothing is not enough.

At summit. Not a lot to see.

The trek to the summit at 3am was agony and there wasn’t a lot to see at the top except for more clouds and 239874350 other climbers who were also on Pulag that same weekend.

Despite all my complaints and the fact that I’m still not sure  if I enjoyed myself or not, I am very proud of myself for surviving Pulag. And particularly for  surviving without a porter.

Would I climb Pulag again? Definitely. It’s stunning there.  Just not anytime soon. And not without at least a month’s worth of training.  And a porter, maybe. Haha!

Photos from Tata Dalumpines and Derrick Malamug.

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5 thoughts on “Mount Pulag”

  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge, pwede ka na mag Amazing Race Asia. XD

    “239874350 other climbers who were also on Pulag that same weekend.”

    Actually i’d rather have that many other climbers with me on a cold, windy mountain peak where if i ever get lost or break a limb, i have 239874350 other climbers to help me out. XD

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