Christmas List ’10

Also known as the ambisyosa wishlist.

1. Motorolla Droid 2 – R2D2  Limited Edition

It’s no secret that I love R2D2. So when rumors of this phone hit the intarwebs early this year, I was overjoyed.

Aside from being a special, limited edition phone, it’s also being offered only by Verizon for $250 with a plan.  Somebody bring this phone to the Philippines, I will sell you my soul.

2. Coloud Star Wars Headphones – Rebel Alliance


The boyf and I have been on the prowl for these for a couple of months now. We’ve found record bars that carry the Lightspeed models, but I really, really, really, really want the Rebel Alliance ones and he’s after the Darth Vader ones.  I’ve left my number with one of the distributors, I’m still waiting for them to contact me when they stock up on the models we’re looking for.

3. A Bull Terrier Puppy

Look at that face! Eeeeeeeee! So kyot!

Preferably white with an eye patch. (Arrr!) Aside from the price (puppies range from Php45k – 25k, depending on the seller) I’d need to move to a house with a yard before I can adopt one. These aren’t apartment dogs.  I could get a miniature, but the standard is so much cuter. So kyot. *pinches photo*

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