Lightsaber Rider!

Guess who just won herself a pair of Kotobukiya Star Wars chopsticks?

I am the Walrus. I also must be the world expert in taking unflattering photos of myself.

I had been  lusting after these for a while now so when Rotch announced she was giving away 2 pairs on her blog, I pretty much spammed her comments box with entries.

My 5th raffle entry won me the Darth Maul set! Yay!  Which is awesome cause I never win at raffles. Ever. This is probably my first. The other pair that was going to be given away was the Mace Windu set, which would have been awesome too because then it would match my Mace Windu lightsaber toy.

Click to embiggen crappy camera phone photos.

What makes the Maul set the most badass of all the other sets  is they have magnets at the ends and you can stick them together to get Maul’s signature double-bladed lightsaber yeahhh. It also comes with a matching Star Wars chopstick rest. Yeahhhh.

I also realised that I’ve been holding chopsticks wrong all my life because when I use these, the magnets stick together hahaha. Just as well, these are too pretty for everyday use anyway. 😀

Again, many thanks, hugs and kisses to Magnetic-Rose.Net for making this very dorky fangirl very happy. XD

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