Post-Birthday, Pre-Christmas Wishlist

Because I didn’t get to do this before my birthday and Christmas is too far away and because I’m window shopping online.

1. Avatar The Last Airbender: The Art of the Animated Series by Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.

This show makes such a geek of epic proportions out of me.  Mike and Bryan recently did a signing at Big Apple Comics in LA, where they sketched on each and every one of the books they signed. I’m so jealous. You can read the article here.

2.  Kraken by China Mieville.

So far, I’ve loved every Mieville book I’ve (borrowed from Kuya Mike) read. I haven’t read The City and The City yet, but I’m leaning more toward getting my hands on Kraken first.

3. An Aviator Hat.

I’ve wanted one since forever. I’m thinking of getting one made instead because Philippine Customs makes it so inconvenient to shop online. Maybe after the Comic Con in August.

4. A Nokia C3

I’m not a cellphone kinda gal. I’ve never really felt the need to upgrade mine, since I find texting to be such a chore anyway. The only reason I’ve ever changed phones is when my mom gets a free phone from her service provider and I get her old one or that one time my loverly limited edition red L7 got stolen. I saw this phone on tumblr and a couple of tech blogs and I was all ready to buy it (with money borrowed from the boyfran) yesterday, but turns out it hasn’t been released in the Philippines yet. Damn you, Nokia.

I also hate qwerty keypads on phones, but it comes in the most gorgeous shade of pink and it’s wi-fi ready.

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