Gotham City Sirens #12

Let me save you the effort of buying and reading this.

Selena’s out to look for her sister, Maggie, who hasn’t been seen since Blackest Night and has been loony since the whole Black Mask thing. Maggie turns up on the steps of a nun/exorcist person because she believes Selena is possessed by a cat demon and the only way to save Selena is to get rid of it. Nun/exorcist person has a pet cat which makes Maggie believe nun/exorcist person is in league with the cat demon and kills her and her cat. Maggie sifts through nun/exorcist person’s stuff and accidentally sets an angel free from his bottle. Angel says he’ll help Maggie kill cat demon.

What I like about GCS, is that it’s light and funny without being stupid but my suspension of disbelief can only suspend so much.

So no, I didn’t enjoy this issue, thank you very much.

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