The Brave & The Bold #33

This made me cry. ; A ;

I don’t really follow The Brave and The Bold, but I saw excerpts of  this issue floating around comic blogs and got insanely curious. I love it when caped females get together and I was expecting it to be a little like Gotham City Sirens, only with good guys.

It starts off with Zatanna waking up from a disturbing dream, which leads her to drag Diana and Barbara on a girls’ night out. And there’s nothing quite like these three women in a club. I especially loved Zatanna going all jedi mind tricks on the club bouncer. Then Wonder Woman starts talking about the Delphi oracle and the place in Greek history oracles in general have and suddenly the story turns somber and you know where this all going.

This was awesome, but I cried which sucks because I’m at the office and I have to pretend that I’m working and not taking a break reading comics.

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