Bang! Tango

True enough, Mike fulfilled my Christmas Wishlist Item No. 4 and gave me all six issues of Joe Kelly’s Bang! Tango.

Vincente Ponticello is an ex-New York gangster in hiding trying to make it big in the San Francisco Tango scene. His past comes to haunt him though, when an ex-flame comes to him for help.

Plot-wise, this mini-series is a little weak. Ex-mobster, fleeing from his associates, trying to carve himself a new life when a woman (I use the term loosely) from his past shows up out of nowhere — it’s a little cliché, non? I felt the violence and depravity were at times a little forced and was trying too hard to provoke you.

At the best parts though, the clichés combined with sex, violence and tango make for a campy combination that works. Mad props to penciller Adrian Sibar and inker Rodney Ramos because the art more than made up for the lukewarm plot. It’s sexy, fluid and the way the frames flow from page to page mimic a dance in itself. It is a comic that seduces you from start to finish.

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