Painting on cork

For a change, I thought I’d try painting on cork for my Aunt/Godmother’s Christmas present. (Since Christmas is over, I can post this online now haha) I had this idea of using two separate panels that make up one image. It was supposed to be this woman with the sea as her hair and little fishies and whales and shit all tangled in it. You know, stuff that dreams, awards and world-wide acclaim are made of.

Instead, I came up with this:

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream” – acrylic on cork
To Sleep, Perchance To Dream” – acrylic on cork

While I don’t think it’s hideous, I am not completely satisfied with it. I totally underestimated how difficult it is to sketch on cork. Harder still, to erase. Even harder still, to see the pencil lines while painting. I ruined my other corkboard with all my erasures. Friends have suggested that I should’ve just painted directly, forgoing pencilling, but I’m afraid am completely reliant on erasers.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t work with cork.
  • If I must work with cork, it better be a big-ass board of cork.
  • Don’t try to rush a painting the day before Christmas eve.

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4 thoughts on “Painting on cork”

  1. I still love the use of red and gold on the cork, dearie. If working with cork made you iffy, I’ll have to say that gold paint works VERY WELL with you. 😉

    Layout’s nifty too! Nice and simple. But I find myself missing the circus-like theme though. :3

    1. Thanks, Ate Cielo! ♥

      Yeah, I kinda went into my default zone (eyes closed, fill everything with squiggles) because I was having such a hard time doing the line art. But I will improve! Haha.

  2. well I think it’s awesome. pero mukhang pang-masipag. i don’t think i’ll be trying that any time soon. 😀

    1. Thanks, Val! 😀 Masaya naman ang cork. Once you get over the pencilling, it’s fun to paint on. 😀

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