Meet my clones!

I’ve always felt a little sad that I don’t have a celebrity look-a-like, but who needs a famous doppelganger when you’ve got an army of clones!

These pictures were all sent to me by friends who all, “swear it looks like youuuuu!” Click on the photos to full view.

Clone # One:

(via mahmah)

Beany found this photo on tumblr. And it’s what prompted me to make this post in the first place. Truthfully, aside from the hair, I don’t see the resemblance. I mean this in the most not-fishing-for-compliments kinda way, but I think this girl is too pretty to look like me. Haha. But I asked several friends –boyfriend included– and they all agree. This photo makes me sad though. I miss the times my hair looked like hers.

Clone # Two:

Xenia and Julie sent me this photo via instant messenger on two separate occasions, months apart. This is probably what I would look like if I had less obesity in my cheeks.

Clone # Three:

This was sent to me ages ago by Deng. Out of the three, I think she’s the one I look the most like. This is what I would look like if I didn’t have the classic Filipino nose, had a flatter stomach and hung out at Harajuku every Sunday afternoon.

So, who are your look-a-likes/clones? Maybe we can join forces, and take over the universe. And if any of you come across photos of more Gab clones, please send them to me at teluete (at) gmail (dot) com. Help me expand my army! πŸ˜›

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16 thoughts on “Meet my clones!”

  1. gab, you really look like #1. but here’s the thing, i keep forgetting to tell you something. your look alike celebrity! check your email. sent it to you. hehe.

    1. Ahahaha! My mom said the same thing to me before, but I always thought it was just because of the hair dye πŸ˜›

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