A Batman Christmas

This filled my heart with unicorns and rainbows:

Christmas Card” by =eiko-chan

Bruce X Selena just might really be my OTP. ♥  I love the first frame. Alfred is made of all sorts of epic win.


5 thoughts on “A Batman Christmas

  1. XD That has got to be the cutest Batman Christmas card I’ve ever seen. And yes: Alfred = ❤


    1. Isn’t it? :3 I finally got around to following the artist on dA, and it turns out I’ve already faved about 5 of her works before hahaha


  2. Hey… some one know who is the artists?


    1. Hi, I don’t know the artist’s real name, but you can check out her gallery on deviantArt at http://eiko-chan.deviantart.com/


  3. oh alfred <3<3<3

    /smooshes him


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