Fangirling: Batman the Animated Series


I had recently gotten my hands on all four seasons of “Batman: the Animated Series” and I’ve been watching a couple of episodes a day, hence the recent slew of Batman-related posts.

When this first came out, I was too young to fully appreciate it but it has always been my go-to whenever I think of the Batman universe. I love the art-deco, 1940’s style to it and the dark elements of the show are perfectly balanced by the campy one-liners. (The Joker yelling, “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping”? Hell yes! New fictional best friend, HOLLA!) There’s a huge difference between campy and corny and B:tas manages to be campy and edgy at the same time.

I also realised the reason I was never *that* into the live-action Batman  movies (yes, even the Tim Burton ones) was because of one man:

kevin-conroyMister Kevin-fucking-Conroy

Conroy = Batman. Any other voice is just wrong. Christian Bale’s Batman voice = So many levels of wrong, don’t even get me started.

Awesomest episode ever made is, “Beware the Gray Ghost“, which made me cry a little on the inside. It guest stars Adam West as the voice of the Gray Ghost, which only adds to its awesomeness factor.

But the awesomest of all awesomes is the joy of being able to screencap wonderful Batman moments like this:

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4 thoughts on “Fangirling: Batman the Animated Series”

  1. I actually rewatched a lot of the animated series myself recently, AND rewatched all of Batman Beyond, which I think is fantastic just because of the way they portray Bruce alone. I loved that you finally got to see the consequences of all those years of self-imposed exile and being surrounded by complete lunatics all the time. Honestly, I can almost draw some parallels with real life when the world tends to occasionally overwhelm you with how messed up it is. You can almost imagine what it must have been like for Bruce, constantly having to associate with all those psychos.

    Looking back, I think the one major problem with Beyond was that Terry never had a chance to build his own legacy. I wish the show had gone on a little longer and we’d seen the new Batman create his own legend rather than living under Bruce’s shadow. Don’t get me wrong; every moment, every scene with Bruce in that show was just incredible from a fan perspective, but I would’ve liked to see the repercussions of being Batman on Terry a little more.

    Oh, if you like that dreamy shot of Batman above, you need to Youtube the singing scene from that one Justice League episode. It’s hilarious.

    1. I didn’t watch Batman Beyond that much. The only episode I remember is the one where they find out Terry is actually Bruce Wayne’s clone haha. But your comment intrigues me, I just might have to check it out. 🙂

      I have watched that Justice League episode! It’s one of my favourites, that and the JLA Christmas episode. 😛

  2. Hi! Ive been trying to get a copy of all episodes of batman the animated series for my boyfriend. May i know where did you get yours? Thanks! 🙂

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