work-in-progress: Daphne

I haven’t coloured manually in a really long time, and it’s been even longer than that since I used dry medium.

So for the fear of me making a mess out of it once I start colouring and inking it in, I thought I’d post a little work-in-progress: 05-10-09_2337



Graphite on Chipboard.

This was actually supposed to be just a practice run — that’s why I used chipboard — but I liked how it turned out so much, and I ‘ll never be able to re-do it nicely on better paper so I’m running with it.

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12 thoughts on “work-in-progress: Daphne”

  1. the one who became a tree? lol. (ayon na nga e, branches.)

    ang ganda! can’t wait for the finished product. and i’m inggit.

    1. Hahaha. Yes. Salamat! 😀 Go! Start drawing again, Myka! Go go go!

      Kaya pala sacred ang laurel tree kay Apollo because that’s what Daphne turned into. Awww.

    1. I screwed up with the coloured pencils and am now all depressed. Will try to fix what I can and use paint na lang.

  2. Ganda pero (shet sorry ako lang yata nakapansin) the line connecting the neck to the chin is too straight. Dapat yata it should curve down.

    Malaking sorry sa inyong lahat nung Inuman Friday. Super stranded kami kina Trin. btw They miss you.

    1. Tsaka masyado rin daw mataas yung boobs. Thanks, Noelle! 😀

      Sorry din wala ako kina Trin. Ang layo eh. Kaya lang ako naka punta sa inuman kasi walking distance lang siya from the office haha.

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