Blatant Plagiarism

[I would’ve posted this earlier, but I couldn’t find a youtube clip of the Voice ad. ]

Last July, a Japanese band called, SOUR, released a music video for their single, “Hibi no Neiro (日々の音色)” that quickly became one of my favourite music videos of all time.


The scenes were shot using webcams and featured the bandmembers and a select few from SOUR’s international fanbase. The result is a wonderful and ingenious montage of webcam clips that must have been a nightmare to coordinate.

While channel surfing a few weeks back, I caught the TVC for Monde’s VOICE Crackers:


Look familiar? Damn straight!

I’m disgusted by the blatant plagiarism. I don’t know which ad agency was responsible for this monstrocity, but you guys suck ass.

It’s hard to feel patriotic (particularly about Filipino talent), when rip-offs like this exist. Fucking pisses me off.

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