Rediscovering Honey and Clover

Because rainy weekends at home + re-watching Honey and Clover = ❤


I’ve long outgrown my anime phase, but it’s hard to ignore a series that hits you so close to home. It doesn’t help either that I was also still in art school when I first discovered it.

Honey and Clover (ハチミツとクローバー Hachimitsu to Kurōbā),  revolves around a group of friends at an Art College in Tokyo. There’s nothing fancy about it. There are no giant robots, no magic powers, no divine, epic battle between good and evil.  Instead, what you have is a great story about college life, existential angst (think Peanuts, but for 20-somethings), unrequited  (and sometimes requited) love,  and artists’ block.

I particularly love the art in this series. The scenes alternate from digitally coloured to watercolour and have this great subdued colour palette that uses mostly browns and pastels. The soundtrack’s pretty awesome too. I think the most refreshing thing about it is that the protagonists aren’t high school students. Despite the show’s focus on love and relationships, there’s no bullshit about first kisses and losing their virginity and boyfriend-girlfriend drama.

But what really, really hits the closest to home is Yamada.


I have never seen a character (anime or otherwise) that I see so much of myself in than Yamada Ayumi. It’s surreal.

hac_v04_p072-073click to enlarge

This scene in particular makes me cry everytime. EVERY DAMN TIME.

I’m still waiting for the rest of the series to finish downloading and watching as I go, so I will probably be a melty puddle of emotions for the next week or so. Do not disturb. Fear my estrogen.

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