Radical Squadron


While we were recuperating at home after our stint at the hospital, the brother and I marathoned the two seasons of Swat Kats: Radical Squadron.

T-Bone (Chance Furlong)  and Razor (Jake Clawson) were vigilantes who regularly saved the citizens of MegaKat City from a variety of villains. Mild-mannered mechanics who worked at the city salvage yard by day, and the Swat Kats by night. They constructed their jet — the TurboKat — as well as it’s various accessories, out of scraps from the salvage yard, which was also where their bat-cave/secret hideout was.

There were a lot of anthropomorphic cartoons that came out in the 90’s like Biker Mice from MarsThe Street SharksCaptain Bucky O’Hare, etc, but Swat kats were the best. Plus they got that OMFG AWESOME opening theme.

Of course, watching it now has made me notice all the little faults the series had. Like the disregard for the laws of physics, and how the TurboKat was just a flying Deus ex Machina, but it was still an awesome, bad-ass series that wasn’t trying hard to be cool.

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2 thoughts on “Radical Squadron”

  1. Oh yes I loved Swat Kats too. This post made me remember a lot of cartoons back in the day.

    And for someone younger, how come you remember the shows I watched? 😀

    1. Hahahaha. Someone older than you asked me the same thing when I was raving about Jim Henson’s Storyteller. 😀 I watched a lot of TV growing up. A lot of TV. XD

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