I am back to work and the land of the living after 3 weeks of Dengue fever.

I hate you, Dengue. I had a shitload of things to do at work which had to be done by the officemates who equally had a shitload of things to do.

I was also in the middle of preparing a costume for Manila Comicon, which I barely finished. (Picture  here and group photo here)

This was the first time I’ve ever been confined in a hospital and I can’t say I enjoyed it. Days and days of doing nothing,  getting blood drawn every couple of hours, not bathing (!),  getting fed through an IV because I kept throwing up anything I ate were torture. My arms are still bruised from all the needles.

Oh, and did I mention the brother and I were both confined at the same time? Also for Dengue. I got the shorter end of the stick though since he was released 2 days earlier and did not need a plasma and platelet transfusion.

I wish I could say I at least lost some much needed weight for Comicon, but no. I was so deprived of food that the minute I could take solids, I gorged on cheeseburgers and made up for any weight lost during my confinement.

The only positive thing about it was the amount of love. The boyfriend, the dad and the mother spent most of their waking hours in the room with the brother and I.  And a lot of bedside visits from friends, family and the Singaporean boss who dropped in before his flight home.

I never, ever want to get dengue (or any other illness that requres me to check in to a hospital) ever again.

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2 thoughts on “BRAINS!”

  1. gab, welcome back!! I sent you a text message last week, did you receive it? Anyway, it does suck to be confined in the hospital. God knows how many times I’ve been confined for the past 9 years because of my asthma. It’s not fun to be stuck in your room, feeling like shit all the time! glad that you’re back 🙂

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