What the Fuckery

This blog was suspended last night due to violation of Terms of Service. And after a night of ranting on plurk, a panicked e-mail to WordPress.com and wondering what the hell I could have possibly done wrong to violate anything, I got my reply today:

moarwtfClick to full view screenshot of email.

I checked Last Airbender Fans.com (which was where I got the photos), and they’ve also been asked by Paramount Pictures to remove the pictures.


I’m not going to defend re-posting the leaked pictures because they went all legal jargon on me (I’m allergic, doncha know), but this totally killed my buzz. They could have e-mailed me directly. Or left a message. Or a smoke signal.  Instead of having my blog suspended. Bureaucratic asshats.


Way to go, Paramount.

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8 thoughts on “What the Fuckery”

  1. Way to go, Paramount. Why did they release the pictures in the first place? Didn’t they know that whatever you put up on the ‘net BELONGS to the ‘net?

    STUPID bureaucratic asshats. (Fixed.)

    1. I have no idea. 😐 Oh well, I’m gonna have to be a good girl nao. I don’t want my blog suspended again.

  2. Ha!

    I love seeing how fast Paramount Pictures is at trying to nix any and all ‘copyright infringement’ when it comes to their precious IP, when they don’t even have the time of day to respond to Asian media advocacy groups or the press. Ohhhh the irony.

    1. I know right. Plus you have Frank Marshall, who just get’s all hissy on Twitter when people confront him. These people don’t know the meaning of, “If it ain’t broke…”

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