Back from Singapore, lah!

sporeThe company I work for was having a trade booth at a conference in Singapore, and since I’m both a company and industry no0b, they decided to send me there for a couple of days. Anticipating the work, the conference, the meetings, and my terrible, terrible sense of direction I didn’t expect to be sight-seeing or doing anything remotely tourist-y during my stay — my lack of camera proves that. (The picture above was taken by my Singaporean colleague while we were having dinner at the fountain area in Suntec.)

Turns out, I was pretty spoiled by my Singaporean hosts and I now regret not bringing a camera. A lot of firsts on this trip. First time in Singapore, first time traveling alone, first “business trip”, first time out of the country in more than 10 fucking years and I have missed traveling terribly.

So, two things there that wasn’t related to work:

  • Food:

What I love about food in Singapore is the variety that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You can take your pick from Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian food stalls for about 3-4 SGD. My favourite was the heaping plate of briyani rice, mutton curry and a little curried eggplant on the side for about 2.50 SGD at a food stall in Little India. Stalls at the mall food courts run up to about 5-7 SGD.

I went a little crazy with the Indian food there just because it’s so expensive in Manila. Plus it’s actually spicy and they don’t skimp on the cardamom. Mmm-mmm, cardamom.

I gained about 3 lbs in the 5 days I was there. Good food can be so evil.

After work one evening, a colleague took me out for drinks and dinner at a bar in Chjimes, which apparently used to be an old nunnery. They’ve kept a lot of the old buildings intact as well as the gothic churches and all I could think about was how awesome would it be to do a shoot there haha.

  • Shopping:

I stayed away from the malls, because I wasn’t too keen on impulse spending half a month’s salary, but I did go to Bugis St. where there’s  just a whole area of little shops. They have a whole bunch of 1,2 & 5 SGD things for sale, as well as a lot of 3 for 10 SGD things which is great when you’re buying a whole bunch of souvenirs for people back home.

I could go on, but let’s not. All in all, it was an awesome trip. It would be great to come back with friends and not have to work, but then I’d have to pay for my own ticket and accomedations hahaha. 😛

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4 thoughts on “Back from Singapore, lah!”

  1. Wow! Buti ka pa your company sent you abroad. My company’s kuripot so kahit i-send to another part of the country tinitipid pa. Hahahaahaha!

    1. Sobrang clueless ko rin kasi sa line of business namin, so kelangan ko ng exposure trip haha

  2. all the foreign countries have awesome places to hold shoots in. here, all we have is intramuros, and that gets old after a while. no pun intended.

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