The Last Airbender Teaser

They’ve released a teaser trailer for, “The Last Airbender”. I don’t want to get hyped up to see it, but I have to admit, it looks pretty damn cool.

With all the fan-rage that’s on the intarwebs, I just want to make a few things clear.

I am not against this film because the costumes/tattoos/scars/bending symbols don’t look exactly like the ones in the animated series. I also won’t be complaining about how they left out episode number x=n2-(x2+n) because, hey, it’s an adaptation. No one wants to see a 15-hour film and there is a slim to none chance of bright aqua blue tattoos looking good on any real person. (You’ve seen the cosplays)

I am against the casting. Now we can argue all day about ethnicity and race and Asian elements in the film and how insulted I am as an Asian and how much I love Dev Patel and how it’s not a real world and the characters aren’t real anyway and blah, blah, blah. I’ve read far too many blogs about the issue and the arguments never seem to go anywhere.

My two cents are, I think it’s a bit like shooting the Lord of the Rings film with an all-Asian cast with the Caucasians as  Orcs.

Disclaimer aside, my conviction to boycott the film slowly weakening because despite all the dramu, it’s still Avatar. It’s one of the few things I’m still all fangirl-y about.

Do I watch it, or no?

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