An Archie Wedding

This personal blog hasn’t been feeling very personal lately. Mostly because I’ve fallen back in the rut of house-office-house and my social life is on life support right now. So instead,  I’m sharing the hottest news to take over my plurk friend list:

After 67 years of  wishy-washiness, Archie finally makes up his mind and proposes to Veronica.

My friends on plurk are now divided into Team Cooper and Team Lodge. I don’t really care, my favourite among them meddling Riverdale kids was always Jughead. ♥

It’s a little weird though that the Riverdale kids are now growing up and getting married. Funny how affected we all are about this. I guess we’re the last generation who really grew up with Archie. And all this talk about it makes me feel old.

Personally, I think Archie doesn’t deserve either of them after stringing them both along for so long. He’s not even good-looking.

IMO,  Betty & Veronica can both do so much better.

Much, much better. 😛

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9 thoughts on “An Archie Wedding”

    1. True. But he and Ethel wouldn’t have made a good couple, anyway. Imagine them making out. Their noses would get in the way haha.

      1. Archie is a loser. hahahaha
        Do you remember the episode where Jughead lost his crown? Bigla ata siyang nawalan ng appetite.

        1. lol. Oo nga! Hahaha. Weird lang nun. Because there was this other issue where Jughead had a whole back-up supply of crowns.

  1. Haha! And there I was, thinking about how the Archie gang never made it past highschool.

    You’re right — Archie does not deserve Veronica nor Betty. And I’m with you — Jughead’s my man. He should be with Betty who’ll lovingly whip things up for him to eat. Hehe. X3

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