First look at the Avatar movie

About a month ago, Producer Frank Marshall released a statement saying that the cast for the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender movie was final and no amount of bitching on the intarwebz was going to change their minds, so I planned to just boycott the whole thing, or torrent it so Paramount won’t get any of my money.

First images of the film were just released by USA Today a few hours ago, and now I have mixed feelings about it. The avatard in me wants to watch it just because it’s Avatar. But the casting still  really, really ticks me off.

airbender-patelx-topper-mediumDev Patel as Zuko

tla_aang_noahNoah Ringer as Aang

Nothing against Dev Patel, I think he’s great, but I still think he’d be better off as Sokka. Noah Ringer doesn’t look that bad. I don’t get that smudge on his forehead though. Are they nixing the tatoos, or CGI-ing them post-prod? This whole thing’s just really weird. The trailer will be out in June, so I’m crossing my fingers.

Dear World. Pls to stop raeping my fandomz. kthxbai!♥ Gab


<edit> The intarwebz just coughed up this photo. (Thanks, Julie!)


Patel’s looking hot. The angst suits him hahaha. This movie might not suck as hard as I thought. </edit>

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9 thoughts on “First look at the Avatar movie”

  1. i don’t like that stupid kid there! but slumdog boy is ok. just at least shave his head or something.

    1. I was expecting worse. I’m not looking forward to seeing the actors for Sokka and Katara. 😐

    1. Despite the casting fail, I think he’ll be awesome in it. slumdog the firebender, woo-hoo! 😀

  2. yeah, he’ll probably do ok… still, him as sokka would be pretty interesting… could he do all that exaggerated slapstick? XD *sigh* nevertheless i’m boycotting this movie XP

    1. I think he could. I’ve seen pictures of him when he was still dong “Skins” being all dorky and shit. Haha, I’m still undecided if I should boycott, or watch it just for the love of Dev Patel. XD

  3. I agree, he looks more like Sokka. It’s weird that M. Night’s gonna direct it.

  4. I don’t care about the race thing anymore, I’m over it. I just wanna see how their gonna do the graphics for this, I hope its as Epic as the show. Aang looks alright, I saw the preview and he looked cool, just hope the kid can act and make me laugh. As for Sokka we’ll just have to see Jackson’s version in the preview. I wonder when his preview will come. XD

    1. Yeah. The drama around it’s getting really old. I have faith in Dev Patel. And judging from the teaser trailer, their Aang doesn’t look too shabby. I just hope the other actors pull it off.

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