So Long & Thanks For All the Fish!

I’d say it’s a pretty good weekend when you spend it swimming with dolphins. The family trooped out to Ocean Adventure in Subic last Friday before my Uncle went back to the States.

It’s a pretty nice place. Like all theme parks, everything’s insanely expensive, but the place was clean and the Park staff were really nice.

And of course, the dolphins!


I’ve always been a bit wary of performing animals. I saw a calesa horse faint once, so I tend to think they’re always worked to death. Ocean Adventure’s  dolphins looked pretty happy. And the enclosure isn’t all that high,  they could escape if they wanted to.

Of course, I could just be justifying because I had so much fun. Anyway…

This is Cito, the bottle -nosed dolphin.


I never realised how huge dolphins are.  Cito was adorable. A little too well-behaved, but made of awesome.

And this is Tonka, the False Killer Whale.


He’s my favourite haha. He was such a sweetheart. He gave the trainers a hard time because he kept swimming off, but I fell in love with him because he was so moody. When it was our turn with Cito he kept butting in. EPIC CUTE! ♥ I wish i had a nice picture with Tonka for Facebook userpic purposes hahaha.

The rest of the day’s photos are here. Next up, is Manila Ocean Park, although it does seem a little anti-climactic after all this. :p

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